Transportation Expenditure Plan Steering Committee 

In September of 2015, the MCAG Governing Board formed the Transportation Expenditure Plan Steering Committee to assist in preparing a Transportation Expenditure Plan (TEP) associated with a proposed transportation measure for the November 2016 ballot.

On March 28, 2016, the TEP Committee recommended final language for a draft Expenditure Plan to the MCAG Governing Board. The Governing Board took action at their April 21, 2016 meeting to forward the draft plan to local jurisdictions for individual consideration and action. Since that time, the elected bodies representing the majority of the cities with the majority of the population and the County of Merced have passed supportive resolutions for the measure to be placed on the ballot. The Governing Board is scheduled to consider requesting the County place the measure on the ballot at their June 16, 2016 meeting.  

Draft Expenditure Plan
(March 2016)

TEP Committee Meeting Schedule and Agendas

October 5, 2015 @
12:00pm, MCAG

October 19, 2015 @ 
12:30pm, MCAG
Agenda Packet Notes
November 2, 2015 @
12:30pm, MCAG
Agenda Packet

Additional Background Material:

November 16, 2015 @
12:30pm, MCAG
Agenda Packet

Additional Background Material:

December 14, 2015 @
Merced Civic Center,
Sam Pipes Room

Agenda Packet

January 11, 2016 @
Merced College Business
Resource Center,
630 W. 19th Street, Merced 

Agenda Packet Notes
January 25, 2016 @
12:30pm, Merced Civic Center

Agenda Packet Notes
March 28, 2016 
@ 1:30pm, MCAG
Agenda Packet  

Committee Roster

Affiliation  Representatives
MCAG/Merced County Deidre Kelsey
Hub Walsh
Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability Kaylon Hammond
Community of Hilmar Mike Seward
Office of Assembly Member Adam Gray Ryan Heller
Caltrans Tom Dumas
Merced Boosters Michael Carpenter
Vinton Thengvall
Greater Merced Chamber of Commerce Adam Cox
Golden Valley Health Centers Mary-Michal Rawling
University of California, Merced Phillip Woods
Merced College Paul Baxter
City of Gustine Ellen Hasness
Pat Nagy
City of Dos Palos Jerry Antonetti
Michael McGlynn
City of Los Banos Mike Villalta
Steve Carrigan/Gary Brizzee
City of Atwater Jim Price
Scott McBride
City of Merced Josh Pedrozo
Tony Dossetti (Alternate)
City of Livingston Alex McCabe
Agriculture Diana Westmoreland Pedrozo
Transit Rich Green