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San Joaquin Joint Powers Authority

The San Joaquin Joint Powers Authority is comprised of ten member agencies which includes the San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission, Sacramento Regional Transit, Stanislaus Council of Governments, Merced County Association of Governments, Contra Costa Transportation Authority, Tulare County Association of Governments, Madera County Transportation Commission, Alameda County, Fresno Council of Governments, and the Kings County Association of Governments. One elected official from each agency makes up the Board.

The Intercity Passenger Rail Act of 2012 (AB 1779), signed by Governor Brown in September 2012, reauthorized regional government agencies' ability to form the San Joaquin Joint Powers Authority to take over the governance and management of the existing San Joaquin intercity passenger rail service between Bakersfield-Fresno-Merced-Modesto-Stockton-Sacramento-Oakland.

Meetings are held regularly in various locations. Meetings are open to the public and there is opportunity on every agenda for public comment.

For more information, visit the San Joaquin Joint Powers Authority webpage.