Short Range Transit Plan

MCAG is currently working with Transportation Management & Design, Inc (TMD) to update Merced County's Short Range Transit Plan for Fiscal Years 2022 to 2030. If you would like to participate in the development of this plan or would like more information on the current status of the plan please click here.

Draft Report

To view a copy of the Draft 2022 Short Range Transit Plan click here

If you would like to provide a comment please contact:

Mauricio Torres by email: or Phone: (209)723-3153 Ext. 125

Comment Period ends August 18,2022

The Short Range Transit Plan is the primary planning document for administering public transit and paratransit services in Merced County. 

The plan:

  • Provides policy guidance to the Transit Joint Powers Authority Governing Board;
  • Identifies capital and operating needs based on data and public outreach;
  • Identifies service efficiencies and opportunities for expansion;
  • Provides an up-to-date marketing plan for increasing ridership;
  • Helps reduce travel by single-occupant vehicle and air pollution.

Short Range Transit Plan Fiscal Year 2017 to 2018 to 2021 to 2022

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