Unmet Transit Needs

Merced County Association (MCAG) determines the amount of public transportation funds available for allocation within the cities of Atwater, Dos Palos, Merced, Los Banos, Livingston, and Gustine and Merced County. Prior to disbursing these Transportation Development Act (TDA) funds, MCAG must identify any unmet public transit needs that may exist in Merced County. An Unmet Transit Needs (UTN) assessment is required to ensure that all unmet transit needs that are "reasonable to meet" are met before funds are expended for non-transit uses, such as streets and roads.

2019-2020 Unmet Transit Needs Analysis and Recommendations Report was approved by the MCAG Governing Board on May 16, 2019.

The conclusion IS that the following are unmet transit needs that are reasonable to meet:

1.Extend evening service hours to accommodate students attending night classes, and persons discharged from the hospital. 

2.The Bus Live App should have accessibility options such as contrast/inverted colors, larger or smaller text, and voice over.  

3.Provide audible announcements on paratransit buses. 

To view a copy of the final report which includes responses to all comments click here.

What is an Unmet Transit Need?

An “unmet transit need” is an inadequacy in the existing public transit services for persons recognized as transit dependent in Merced County.

The “Reasonable To Meet” standard is based on several criteria that analyze how accommodating that transit need will affect the rest of the transit system that it relates to. If it passes the criteria then it is found reasonable to meet and changes will be made to accommodate the need.

The process is done annually by conducting a series of public hearings throughout the county to obtain comments on unmet transit needs that may be reasonable to meet. Once the comments are received, the Social Services Transportation Advisory Council analyzes them to determine if there are any transit needs that meet the adopted definitions of "reasonable to meet" and "unmet transit need" and makes a recommendation of findings to the MCAG Board.

Attend a Unmet Transit Needs Hearing


Wednesday October 2nd 2019 at 3:00 PM & 6:00 PM

Merced Civic Center- Sam Pipes Room 678 W. 18th St. Merced CA


Thursday October 3rd 2019 at 3:00 PM & 6:00 PM

Gustine Council Chambers 352 Fifth St. Gustine, CA 

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